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Why Bruce Power Direct

Your Chief Energy Officer


When it comes down to it, your business wants to save money, reduce your energy consumption and operate more sustainably

But energy isn’t that straight forward.

Electricity is a complex cost. It takes time and expertise to understand these costs, and to relate them to your business. Once you have this expertise, you’re still tasked with managing your energy, which means more time making spreadsheets, comparing utility bills and trying to figure it all out.


At Bruce Power Direct, we understand these challenges. And we can help make it easy. 
Think of us as your Chief Energy Officers, applying the same C-level drive to seek out and evaluate opportunities, improve processes for optimal efficiency, and reduce costs—except with energy.


With powerful data, energy management software and a suite of electricity products, our experts will work with you to help you understand your energy consumption, save money, and continuously improve your process.


Valuable insights, not just data

To do anything right, you need the right tools

Unleash the power of benchmarking

How will you pay for electricity?

To do anything right, you need the right tools

Headache-free, electricity budgeting

One operating platform for one energy management plan