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Power of analytics and love of the game brings new hope to the Maple Leafs. Can you do the same for your business?

Maple LeafsYou’ve probably heard by now that the Toronto Maple Leafs hired 28 year old Kyle Dubas as their new Assistant General Manager. I had a hard time believing that one of the oldest, most historic teams in the National Hockey League would take such a new age approach to building the future of their franchise.

I thought about their reasoning and started to understand that the Leafs are simply following the growing trend of building big data into their business.  Dubas is considered a “statistical whiz-kid” and his skill set has been brought in to increase the probability of the team’s successful decision making ability.

Dubas fostered an environment based on challenging the status quo. While working with the Greyhounds, Dubas used the power of analytics to take the team to the second round of playoffs at the end of the 2013-2014 season. At the press conference he was asked if he’ll become the Billy Beane of hockey. Dubas assured he’ll never be compared to the Oakland Athletics general manager.

Learn more about Dubas’ philosophy and analytical success strategies.

Analytics and energy savings

Energy managers have information more readily available than ever before. Being able to utilize and manipulate that information to derive meaningful business insights has become key to detecting anomalies earlier, identifying opportunities for improvement and reducing waste.

Putting this into perspective, one of the statistics Dubas likes to monitor is a players’ shots from high probability scoring locations. This allows him to detect if a player begins taking more shots from lower probability zones and correct the behaviour before it affects their scoring and the team’s success.

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Your business can leverage similar analysis by measuring energy consumption in relation to your operations. Simply by factoring in your square footage or, for more detail, by using footfall or production units, you can detect consumption anomalies earlier and eliminate them before they become a larger problem. The data that you gather can help you to find a measurable common denominator across your business, allowing you to track, normalize and benchmark all areas of your operations.


Turn energy analytics into savings and operational excellence

Take a look at how Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK) leverages energy analytics to save big. Mark Rucker, the individual in control of the company’s electrical systems, stresses the importance of implementing a utility metering system in order to collect and analyze a facility’s consumption data. Without utility metering and analysis, it is impossible to make a case for sustainable energy reduction initiatives.


Through the installation of energy-efficient equipment and streamlined operations, the massive manufacturer of over 500,000 vehicles a year— that’s roughly 2,000 vehicles in two production shifts per day, five days a week – managed to cut their annual energy consumption by nearly 50%.


This is just one success story that shows how the support of big data can help managers and executives make better and smarter decisions. There are many other success stories across all industries including sports, manufacturing and automotive.

Electricity should not be treated like a fixed budgeted line item; but rather, as a variable cost that can be reduced by developing and executing a comprehensive energy management plan through a transparent look at your billing and consumption data.

Energy analytics are an essential part of any energy management program. To learn more about energy analytics, and how you can harness data to find savings in your energy spend, download our whitepaper:  Harnessing big data to kick-start your energy management plan. You can also check out our new Virtual Energy Manager platform help you take control of your energy costs.

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