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Building a Greener Brand in Line with Your Energy Conservation Strategies

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You know that reducing your energy usage is saving you money. You have done your homework and have followed our blog posts. You use the Bruce Power Saver to review your consumption and have made changes to be more energy efficient. You may feel you have maximized the benefits from your energy initiatives, but with a little more effort, you can boost your brand image as well.

Make Your Efforts Known

Environmental conservation is an important issue in business, politics, and daily life, so it is important that your organization gets involved in this hot topic. Repositioning your brand as a leader in eco-friendly practices is a sure-fire way to differentiate yourself from competitors and capture the attention of your customers. The energy initiatives you already have in place are a great foundation on which to build an even more environmentally conscious image. The good news is that you do not have to launch a complete marketing campaign to have your efforts recognized. Include small messages within your regular marketing and customers will take notice.

Changing Perspectives

Going “green” might sound like a fad, and you may be tempted just to wait it out. But unlike shag carpets and mullets, sustainability is all about the long term. This is something your customers know, too. Customer perspectives toward a brand are positively impacted by its environmental efforts. This is good news if you are looking to increase your respectability with your customers, especially if you are in an industry that is not typically known to be environmentally friendly. After recyclable packaging, energy conservation is considered the second most important environmental initiative by consumers. Naturally, those who are ecologically conscious will be more partial to your efforts. At the end of the day, customers who see that an organization is making progressive changes will enjoy a more positive attitude towards their brand.

Gain More than Energy Savings

Perhaps you feel your organization is not capable of undertaking new changes to reduce your environmental impact. Maybe you are not convinced that changing your organization’s habits or processes will pay off. As the extent of environmental initiatives can vary greatly in cost and scope, we recommend starting with what you have already done. Make your electricity reduction efforts known with messages on product packages, websites, and advertisements that illustrate that you produce products in a facility that uses less energy. If you do not sell goods to consumers, you can still have these messages appear in corporate profiles, annual reports, and other customer-facing material.

Promoting your eco-efforts establishes your brand and your company as one that is concerned about its environmental impact and its customers’ wellbeing.

There are many low-cost changes your organization can make that will further enhance your image. The following are some simple but effective eco-changes you can make:

  • Reduce waste and divert more refuse away from landfills by choosing recyclable materials
  • Install low-flow bathroom fixtures and equipment to cut water usage
  • Offer a car-pool program or public transit credit to reduce carbon emissions
  • Plant trees and greenery on company grounds to absorb CO2 and provide a wildlife habitat
  • Support an environmental charity or initiative and report on the funds donated

The savings from your energy conservation initiatives can rapidly accumulate and are relatively simple to calculate. The Bruce Power Saver is one tool that allows you to accurately track your energy savings for corporate reporting. While changes to save electricity can be realized relatively quickly, other investments, such as those that reduce water usage, have a longer payback period. It is unlikely your organization will be able to make all these changes at once, and this presents another opportunity. Positive change is more meaningful when it is ongoing. Make a multi-year plan that highlights the changes you intend to make and track your progress. A plan for going green is just another way you can improve the image of your brand.

By making your efforts known, you can turn your energy management plan into more than just a cost-cutting initiative. With a little bit of marketing and a plan for future changes, you can shine a new light on your brand that will reflect positively upon your customers. As more consumers become environmentally conscious, the value of this opportunity should not be ignored. You have already made the changes customers are looking for, so make sure they know about them! To learn how to get your whole organization onboard with an energy savings initiative, read our blog Getting Your Employees Involved in Energy Management.