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How Data will Drive Energy Performance

Energy data is a powerful resource that if utilized correctly, will help you cut your costs and grow your profit margins.  Our Virtual Energy Manager is a low cost resource …

Electricity Prices: What will you Pay in 2015?

It’s once again time for Bruce Power Direct’s semi-annual Market Outlook Webinar.  Your Bruce Power Direct team has been hard at work compiling data from our in-house team of traders, market …

Do It Yourself: Complete a Simple Energy Audit

The International Organization of Standardization released a new set of standards this summer as a follow-up up on their original ISO 50001: Energy Management Systems.  ISO 50002 provides a framework …

Electricity Price: Deciphering Your Electricity Bill Part 4/4

This is the final post in Samira’s series on electricity price. It covers 4 types of charges on your electricity bill:

Delivery charges
Regulatory charges
Debt retirement charge
Ontario Clean Energy Benefit

1. Delivery Charges
This …