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Quantifying Class A Customers’ Savings

In a previous post we reported that the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) program had been expanded to include eligible customers with a peak demand for electricity of more than 3 megawatts (MW) and …

The Implications of a Global Natural Gas Market

Natural gas is one of the energy supply offers that contribute to the setting of electricity HOEP (market spot rate) in Ontario. Therefore, natural gas and electricity price in Ontario …

Ontario Electricity Market Commentary – Q1 2014

[pricing_plan title=”Ontario Electricity Rate – Q1 2014″ currency=”¢” price=”7.1″ period=”kWh”]*(Average Weighted – HOEP)[/pricing_plan]

Electricity prices in Ontario in Q1 2014 were the most volatile and expensive we have seen in over …

Electricity Price: Deciphering Your Electricity Bill Part 4/4

This is the final post in Samira’s series on electricity price. It covers 4 types of charges on your electricity bill:

Delivery charges
Regulatory charges
Debt retirement charge
Ontario Clean Energy Benefit

1. Delivery Charges
This …