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Opening Doors to Achieving Energy Efficiency

The Age of Intelligent Efficiency
Modern technologies have opened up new possibilities for companies to improve their operating efficiency. Amongst the many ways a company can improve its efficiency, energy efficiency …

Ontario Electricity Market Commentary – Q1 2014

[pricing_plan title=”Ontario Electricity Rate – Q1 2014″ currency=”¢” price=”7.1″ period=”kWh”]*(Average Weighted – HOEP)[/pricing_plan]

Electricity prices in Ontario in Q1 2014 were the most volatile and expensive we have seen in over …

Electricity Price: Deciphering Your Electricity Bill Part 4/4

This is the final post in Samira’s series on electricity price. It covers 4 types of charges on your electricity bill:

Delivery charges
Regulatory charges
Debt retirement charge
Ontario Clean Energy Benefit

1. Delivery Charges
This …

Ontario Electricity Market Commentary – January 2014

[pricing_plan title=”Ontario Electricity Rate – January 2014* ” currency=”¢” price=”6.5″ period=”kWh”]*(Average Weighted – HOEP)[/pricing_plan]

January marked the return of rollercoaster-style volatility in the Ontario electricity market, and what a wild ride …