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Uncover Opportunities to Reduce Energy Costs

We can help you optimize your energy consumption and drive down your energy costs

You can’t control energy prices, but it’s your job to control and reduce your energy costs. Complex commercial electricity bills with fluctuating components can be difficult to understand, especially when you’re trying to analyze those costs across your entire operation. Add multiple locations, weather fluctuations and billing errors to the mix, and managing your energy consumption becomes daunting.

How do you reduce your energy costs?

  • Measure: Automate data collection and analyze your usage down to the equipment level to set informed, data driven strategies
  • Compare: Identify anomalies and opportunities by comparing your consumption across your business and your industry
  • Find Your Baseline: Establish your foundation and target areas for saving
  • Monitor: Identify and fix problems immediately —before they cost you


Save time and eliminate frustration by enlisting the energy experts. At Bruce Power Direct, we can help you make energy management decisions you didn’t even think were available to you. With our Bruce Power Saver, we can empower you to reduce your energy costs withthe right information, the right analysis, the right plan, and the right tools.


Put your data to work for you: start optimizing your energy consumption and saving money today.


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