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Multi Location

Manage One Like You Would Manage One Hundred

We can help simplify energy management for you—whether you’re managing one location or many – with The Bruce Power Saver, you can make one company-wide strategy and work with one budget. It aggregates and verifies company-wide energy data into a single platform and converts it into something that is relevant for your business—like kWh per cup of coffee sold.

Your data becomes actionable information that will not only help you better understand your costs and energy consumption, but also identify opportunities to improve.

Whether your operation spans your region, province or the country, The Bruce Power Saver empowers you to manage your entire portfolio with the same effort as a single space.


Why Choose Bruce Power Direct?

The Bruce Power Saver energy management system automates data input and aggregates your information from various locations into a single, cloud-based management system. You no longer need to chase multiple utilities.

It collects and tracks your consumption data, so that you can comply with increasing reporting demands. It also verifies your bills, removes the effects of weather and normalizes your data, and allows you to accurately analyze your energy efficiency efforts across your entire portfolio. And if you want to protect against energy cost fluctuations, our Fixed Price Electricity service is for you.


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Protect against energy cost fluctuations

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