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Commercial Real Estate

Data-DrivenEnergy Management Solutions for Commercial Properties in Ontario

We work directly with building management and operations staff to serve all types of commercial properties in Ontario, including food and retail locations, as well as anything under the MUSH umbrella: municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals.

No matter what type of business you’re in, all classes of commercial properties in Ontario are subject to a number of factors that affect energy consumption and budget. Square footage, building age and the portfolio of buildings can all drive up your electricity spend. Coupled with unpredictable weather patterns, it can be difficult to meet your energy consumption needs without exceeding your budget.

We can deliver a customized energy management solution tailored specifically to your energy consumption and operational needs. We’ll partner with you to develop a strategy to find the most efficient way to heat, cool, illuminate and power your buildings, so you can focus on core business operations.


Why Choose Bruce Power Direct?

The Bruce Power Saver energy management system automates data input and aggregates your information from various locations into a single, cloud-based management system. You no longer need to chase multiple utilities. It collects and tracks your consumption data, so that you can comply with increasing reporting demands. It also verifies your bills, removes the effects of weather and normalizes your data, and allows you to accurately analyze your energy efficiency efforts across your entire business. And if you want to protect against energy cost fluctuations, our Fixed Price Electricity service is for you


Looking for ways to save energy and simplify consumption reporting?

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Protect against energy cost fluctuations

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