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The Right Energy Management Solutions for Ontario’s Auto Parts & Transportation Manufacturers

Whether you manufacture aircrafts, automobiles or trains, electricity is a big budget line item. But with proper energy management solutions, it’s an expense that can be controlled. We can help.

Whether your key goal is energy cost savings or energy conservation, we will work with you define an electricity management solution designed to drive operational efficiencies.

You can rely on our expertise to help you reduce risk, gain control of electricity expenditures and most importantly, realize savings without negatively impacting production output.


Why Choose Bruce Power Direct?

The Bruce Power Saver energy management toolkit automates data input, verifies your bills, removes the effects of weather and production variables from your data and allows you to accurately analyze your energy efficiency efforts. And if you want to protect your business against energy cost fluctuations, our Fixed Price Electricity service is for you.


Meet the energy management system that can save your business money

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Protect against energy cost fluctuations

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