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Secure Your Commodity Price, Manage Your Commodity Cost

Set accurate budgets, avoid price shocks and save money in a volatile market

When it comes to commercial electricity, anything from extreme weather patterns to economic instability can cause commodity price shocks or sudden, unexpected increases in your commodity costs. With Fixed Price Electricity, you can secure a set price per kWh for a specific contract term and eliminate commodity price uncertainty.


Why You Should You Choose Fixed Price Electricity

  • Reduce commodity price risk
  • Ensure budget certainty
  • Save money when commodity prices are increasing
  • Eliminate the need to manage ongoing electricity purchases


With Fixed Price Electricity, you can set it and forget it. If you’re looking to cushion your business against the risk of energy price increases, then fixed price electricity is for you. And in an increasing commodity price market, this option can mean serious savings.

Shocks = Unanticipated increases in energy prices caused by volatile conditions, like extreme weather patterns or economic instability.

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