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Harness the Power of Your Energy Consumption Data to Take Control of Your Energy Costs

Let us collect and analyze your data to give you the energy conservation information you need

The Bruce Power Saver is a powerful, cloud-based energy management solution that gives you a comprehensive view of your electricity performance across your entire company, so that you can make data-driven decisions on energy conservation and cost savings programs.

With the Bruce Power Saver you can you manage your energy consumption and gain control of your energy costs by:


  • Automating reporting, budgeting processes and setting energy consumption targets, improving accuracy and saving time and frustration of managing complex energy budgets.
  • Setting baselines to mark your current state and measure your performance over time, so that you can observe and track how your business decisions influence your energy consumption and spend.
  • Benchmarking your performance against internal and/or external comparison groups, so that you can identify outliers and take action to eliminate the anomalies that are costing you money.
  • Verifying and validating your energy bills to ensure your costs are correct


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We can empower you to make energy management decisions you didn’t think were available to you. To do anything right, you need the right tools. For energy management, the right tool is The Bruce Power Saver.


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