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Seize Control of Your Energy Costs Right Now

Optimize your energy consumption and make a real difference to your bottom line

We all want to increase our energy efficiency, operate more sustainably and save time and money. But commercial electricity is a complex cost, and you need the right tools to manage it. The Bruce Power Saver energy management toolkit automates data input, verifies your bills, removes the effects of weather and production variables from your data and allows you to accurately analyze your energy efficiency efforts.


Bruce Power Direct products can benefit your business:

  • The Bruce Power Saver: a dynamic, cloud-based energy analytics platform that tracks and measures your energy performance and helps you reduce your overall consumption.
  • Fixed Price Electricity: a set price for electricity over a specific contract term to help you budget for certainties and protect against unforeseen price increases.


With our powerful suite of electricity products and services, supported by our experts who know energy, we will help you analyze your energy costs, optimize your energy consumption and make a real difference to your bottom line.


Meet the energy management system that can help

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Protect against energy cost fluctuations

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