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Saving energy means saving money. We can help.

The Bruce Power Saver is an energy information management system that allows you to understand, manage, & control your electricity consumption and spend.

4 reasons to manage energy:

-3rd largest expense for most businesses
-A variable cost that can be controlled
-A significant profit-maximizing opportunity
-Realized proven results in every industry

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Energy Management Begins with Data.

The Bruce Power Saver helps you:

  • Automate your data collection, reporting, & budgeting processes, saving you time and improving accuracy
  • Visualize your consumption behavior so that you can identify waste, improve behaviours and use less electricity
  • Use Baseline Analysis to mark your current state and track your performance over time
  • Normalize your data to eliminate the effects of weather and production variables from your consumption
  • Benchmark your performance against internal or external comparison groups
  • Develop Key Performance Indicators such as electricity cost/unit or kWh/unit for automatic profit margin analysis
  • Aggregate your energy information from various locations into a single cloud-based management system
  • Verify Your Bills by comparing the hourly price with your actual consumption to ensure your monthly invoice was accurately calculated

Check out our video to see for yourself

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