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Plastics Manufacturing Energy Management

Energy Management solutions for Ontario Plastics Manufacturers


According to our research, electricity is the 3rd highest expense for Plastics manufacturers in Ontario. Given that electricity costs have risen 30% in the past 5 years, profitability has been negatively affected.


Plastics manufacturing companies that are trying to optimize their levels of output, while minimizing costs and maintaining product quality, must carefully weigh their energy project investments decisions.


Our data solution can help your plastics manufacturing operation identify efficiency opportunities and ways to reduce waste. Furthermore, our powerful data tool can help you verify your electricity investments are realizing their anticipated benefits.

Discounted Electricity for CPIA Members

As a member of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA), you can leverage our partnership program and receive discounted electricity. This exclusive bulk wholesale purchasing plan that utilizes our pricing model, has the potential to deliver significant savings for your business. Our experts have indicated that electricity prices are currently below historical benchmarks, creating a unique opportunity to save on the utility. The CPIA is the national voice for plastics manufacturers in Canada; committed to helping its members and the plastics industry reach their full potential. 

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Is your business a plastics manufacturer?

We want to design a custom energy management solution for you!

Gary L. Wight

Gary L. Wight

Senior Electricity Advisor


Why Choose BPD?

Our knowledgeable experts can help you navigate the province`s complex energy market and continuously escalating costs. Our team understands that electricity consumption is one of the largest line items in your cost structure next to raw materials and labour. This is why we strive to provide your business with effective energy management strategies that not only help offset costs, but relieve some of the associated stress so that you can make effective business decisions.

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