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Our Paradigm Shift – Focus on innovative and transparent new energy consumption and management solutions for your business

New Energy Management Solution

In 2013 Bruce Power Direct has sold over 1 Billion kWh directly to Ontario businesses and doubled the number of customers we work with. We feel privileged that these companies have chosen us as their energy partner and through working with these clients, we’ve learned that supplying electricity is not enough to help our clients offset rising energy costs.


According to the Ontario’s 2013 Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP) energy prices are projected to rise by 10-15% per year for the next 5 years.  In that plan the primary tool for actively managing costs is through implementing energy efficiency and conservation programs.


In this environment, our clients told us they need tools to help them reduce their energy consumption through better transparency of their energy consumption and costs.


In response we’ve worked closely with our clients and developed a new solution which delivers unprecedented transparency into your energy consumption and costs.


We think this newly discovered transparency will empower users to make important business decisions, like retrofits, new equipment, and demand response/ and or shifting, but also allow them to verify the results of their existing conservation programs.


Studies have shown that by implementing tools like these businesses can save between 5-25% on their energy costs per year.


Unsustainable practices and inadequate equipment maintenance can cost thousands of dollars in lost revenues and profits each month. With our new tool our goal is to help Ontario businesses gain a better understanding of their electricity billing data and provide them with a rich insight into how their consumption patterns affect costs and profitability.  There is untapped potential and significant savings by leveraging these insights.


We hope to leverage this blog as one of the vehicles to empower our clients with insights they can use to drive their energy initiatives forward.


Learn more here about our energy management solution .

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