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Are you overpaying due to billing errors? We want to help.

Attention!For various reasons, billing errors are a reality and negatively affect your bottom line.

Hydro One for instance, the electricity provider for more than one million customers across Ontario, billed approximately 3% of its customers with estimated, not actual, usage. For some customers, this translated to over 50% higher monthly charges for over 10 months.

That’s approximately 32,000 people and businesses being overcharged for their electricity with no dramatic changes in their consumption behaviour to warrant the billing increase.


We estimate that for a client that consumes roughly 10 million kWh per year, billing errorcan be between  $20,000 to $50,000 annually. 


In fact, the issue has become so prevalent that the Ontario Energy Board decided to step in with a ‘uniform scorecard measure for billing accuracy initiative’ in an effort to track and lower the error margin.

We want to learn more about how you tackle the issues related to billing errors. We also want to know what services we can offer to help our customers avoid overpaying for electricity.

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Please take 90 seconds to answer 7 quick questions that will help us invest in the right solutions to save you money.

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