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Our Energy Management Software Solution

Our Energy Management Software Solution is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based platform at the centre of our energy management solution. It provides Ontario businesses with greater visibility to their data and insight into their key performance energy indicators (eKPIs).

Sophisticated interactive dashboards are customizable for each organization taking into account their data sources, their energy metrics and KPIs and overall business goals of the organization.

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Energy data that you can work with!

Most successful energy management programs involve an ability to track usage and other performance electricity data that you can work with.

Bruce Power Direct offers a comprehensive yet easy to use energy monitoring platform, which converts the meaningless and complex raw data from your utility provider into quantifiable, meaningful and actionable insights.

It allows you to track your energy usage, manage your consumption and costs. You can also use it to help you establish target goals for attainable energy savings or see how your capital investments and programs impact the bottom line.

The ultimate goal of the energy monitoring program is to reduce energy costs through improved energy management controls and efficiencies however many also realize added benefits including improved production budgeting practices and even reduction of greenhouse emissions.


See how effective energy monitoring programs can help your business

  • Gain an intimate understanding of your historical electricity consumption trends
  • Detect anomalies when consumption is unexpectedly higher or lower
  • Identify and diagnose potential areas of wasted energy
  • Observe and track how business decisions influence your consumption and spend
  • Use latest trends to help determine future electricity needs
  • Develop key performance indicators and targets for your energy management program

Best in Class Monitoring


Track your usage effectively


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