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Our Competitive Advantage


We work with your business to help meet your energy management objectives.


Our combination of world class assets, powerful data and team of experts, is unparalleled in the Ontario energy market. Bruce Power Direct delivers innovative energy management solutions that help leading Ontario private and public sector organizations manage their energy more effectively.

How we’re unique:

  • We take a listen first” consultative approach to all of our business, and work with you to develop a solution and build a long-term partnership
  • We use our market experience, personal energy and leadership position in Ontario to help your business understand, manage and control its energy consumption and spend
  • We develop customized, innovative and sustainable energy management solutions based on your specific needs, designed to maximize your energy reduction efforts
  • We are supported by Bruce Power’s resources, which we leverage to deliver targeted expertise directly to your Ontario-based business

A custom energy management solution in just 3 simple steps.

1. We partner with you to understand your specific business objectives and energy consumption needs

Understanding your energy needs is critical to your business’ success. Unpredictable energy costs, new government regulations and evolving technologies can have a serious impact on your energy consumption needs and costs. Our first priority is to learn more about your specific needs to develop a customized solution for you.

2. We develop a unique framework to manage your energy consumption and spend

Based on past consumption patterns and current market prices identified as a result of our report, we prepare a comprehensive budget and design an energy management strategy best suited to satisfy your consumption needs. Unlike your utility company, we compile our findings into a concise report that clearly outlines your usage patterns and opportunities for improvement. 

3. We work with you to implement your strategy utilizing recommended tools and tactics

Throughout implementation we continuously monitor your cost-management activities to ensure your electricity budget and usage sustain desired levels, making necessary adjustments and taking advantage of new market opportunities as they arise.