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Ontario Electricity Resource Guide

Pin PointThe Bruce Power Direct blog was created to help you understand and manage your electricity costs by providing valuable resources and crucial information pertaining to the Ontario market. We work hard to simplify Ontario’s complicated electricity rate structure and provide useful information to help you make critical business decisions.

We take our blog very seriously here at BPD and update it at least once a week.  If you don’t visit regularly (you should – sign up here), you may have missed a post or two containing vital pieces of information. I thought I would take this opportunity to highlight some of my favourite blog posts and  make a list of the public resources that I use most frequently for my day to day job helping our clients answer their electricity questions.

My goal is to give you a simple, one-stop shop for the most important information we’ve shared to date.

Key Public Resources

Below you will find some of the government bodies who run the electricity grid, rates, and policies. These websites are sometimes confusing to navigate, but they provide a lot of valuable data. Typically, we parse the pages and summarize the information on our blog for our clients and readers. However, I think it’s important to explore these sites in order to understand some of the primary issues within the electricity market in Ontario.

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The Independent Electricity System Operator

The Independent Electricity System Operator is a Crown corporation responsible for operating the electricity market and directing the operation of the bulk electrical system in the province of Ontario, Canada.

If you are specifically interested in power prices and rates, click here.

The Ontario Power Authority

The Ontario Power Authority is an independent, non-profit corporation established through the Electricity Restructuring Act, 2004. Licensed by the Ontario Energy Board, it reports to the Ontario legislature through Ontario’s Ministry of Energy.

If you are interested in useful information about rebates and subsidies, click here.

Nuclear Up, Coal Down

Nuclear Up, Coal Down is a Bruce Power site, which talks about the supply mix in Ontario, and other interesting statistics.

Ontario Ministry of Energy

This Ontario Ministry of Energy webpage provides Ontario’s 18 month Energy Plan.


Key Blog Posts

Here is a list of BPD blog posts that I believe are fundamental in developing the basic knowledge required to make smart electricity choices in Ontario.

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Deciphering Your Electricity Price and Bill in Ontario – Part 1/4

‘Deciphering Your Electricity Bill in Ontario Part ¼, a 4 part series written by Samira Viswanathan, is extremely helpful and an excellent place to start your journey of learning about Ontario Electricity. After reading all four parts of Samira’s series, you should have a great understanding of the basics

HOEP is not a strategy

‘HOEP is not a strategy’ is a blog which I wrote with a specific focus on the psychology of hedging, and risk management. This is a key post for energy managers who make financial decisions.

Class A Redefined – Global Adjustment Changes Could Spell Big Savings for Some

This post is on the redefinition of “Class A” consumers in Ontario and is very important for heavy users who utilize over 3MW’s of peak demand. This is another great example of how the Bruce Power Direct blog can help our readers stay up to date with the ever changing policy of Ontario Electricity.

Our Energy Management Software Solution

This one is not a blog post, but a very comprehensive page from our website which contemplates big data and our energy management software. It discusses the various ways in which rich data/ information that you already have can help you run a more efficient and cost effective organization.


Now that you have a fundamental understanding of Ontario’s power markets, the next steps are to build a wholesome energy management program. Contact me or any of my colleagues at BPD to learn more.