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Multi Location Portfolio

Manage many like you’d manage one.


At Bruce Power Direct, we can help you simplify your energy—whether you’re managing three locations or 300.

While we’re at it, we can also help you save money.

From one system, you can make one company-wide strategy and work with one budget. Our experts and our tools will help with the rest.

Our approach is to aggregate and verify company-wide energy data into a single platform and convert it into something that is relevant for your business—like kWhcup of coffee sold, for example.

When the numbers are in, we turn data into actionable information that will not only help you understand costs but to also identify opportunities to improve.


The power of the single platform lies in the ability to establish baselines, rank your locations and prioritize energy-savings investments within a large portfolio of locations. Whether your multi-location operation spans your region, province or the country, Bruce Power Direct empowers you to manage your entire portfolio with the same effort as a single space.

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