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I’ll Take ‘Electricity Bill Verification’ for $2000, Alex


Being a university student these days isn’t easy; with a level of competitiveness in the job markets that seems to grow daily, and a plethora of digital resources that consistently crash my MacBook, iPhone and iPad, my life at school has become rather consuming. When I’m not working hard on my academics, one of my favourite TV shows to watch is Jeopardy. Why do I like Jeopardy? I’m not exactly sure. Maybe it’s that feeling when I get the questions right and my ego incrementally boosts, only to be shattered when I try to guess at the questions beyond the $800 or $1600 level.

More likely, however, my interest in Jeopardy spurs from that fact that while the people competing are some of the brightest people in the United States, they still make significant mistakes. The reality is individuals and businesses make mistakes all the time. What is important for your business is how these mistakes affect your relationships, your costs and ultimately your bottom-line. If the experts on Jeopardy can make mistakes, so can the billing experts at your local utility. But unlike getting answers wrong on Jeopardy, these mistakes have a direct impact on your business.

Electric Jeopardy

Last week in the news, there was a case of over 10,700 customer complaints of over-billing, billing abnormalities, and poor service against an Ontario electricity distribution company. The reality is that, for any business, annual billing errors can amount to 5% of your annual electricity costs. This can add up very fast. For a business consuming $100K in electricity per year, errors could amount to $5K.

This year at Bruce Power Direct, we introduced a bill verification program. Through it, we work with your business and your local distribution company to uncover any billing errors, and compensate you for any mistakes that have been made. An additional part of the process is providing your business with graphic time-comparisons and aggregated data so you have more information on your electricity expenses. So far, this service has been successful in uncovering countless billing errors, adding value for our clients by recovering costs that they should have never incurred in the first place.

The best part of our bill verification service is that there is no risk; if we find no errors, there is no cost to you. If we do find billing errors, it’s like winning the Daily Double – without having to take the financial risk.

Give me a call today at 1-855-247-1122 and let’s have a conversation about how our team of experts can help you verify your bills and ensure you are maximizing your bottom-line.