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How to reduce energy costs

The cheapest kWh is the one you don’t use.


Energy prices are rising, and it’s your job to monitor performance and manage costs. But complex energy bills—with several, constantly fluctuating charges—can be difficult to understand, especially when you’re trying to relate those costs to your business operations and overall consumption.

Add shifting business demands, multiple business locations—add more than one utility—to this equation and it’s easy to see why some companies find it easier to just pay the bill and try to cut costs elsewhere.

At Bruce Power Direct, we understand your challenges. We also understand energy. We know you can reduce your consumption and costs. And we can empower you to do it.

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With the right information, the right analysis, the right plan, and the right tools.


Read more to discover how you can not only manage your electricity better, but identify poorly performing operations, invest strategically in energy efficiency projects, track the effectiveness of improvements, and ultimately save money.

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Saving begins with understanding

Analysis for apples-to-apples comparison

Establish your foundation

Keep measuring what you manage

Bring in some help