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Get ready: mandatory energy reporting coming soon


Mandatory reporting is on the table. What does that mean for you and your business?

In late October, Ontario’s Minister of Energy, Bob Chiarelli, introduced Bill 135 in the provincial legislature.  The bill, titled Energy Statute Amendment Act, 2015, is revising a number of older statutes to better align with government policies and programs.


The big news, however, is that it also introduces mandatory reporting for public agencies and to be determined “prescribed persons.”


At this moment, it’s unclear what the definition of “prescribed persons” will be—it could be businesses, industries or owners of large buildings. Expect that to be defined at a later date.


The proposed amendments in the bill would require public agencies to prepare and publish energy conservation and demand management plans. Those plans would include annual consumption numbers and details on current and future activities to conserve. There are also likely to be specified targets and standards that public agencies will be required to meet.


“Prescribed persons” will have to report to the government on energy consumption, water use, ratings and performance metrics and undertake verification on reported activities. Reporting methods will include an electronic reporting system administered by a third party. Similar to public agencies, “prescribed persons” will also be required to prepare, publish and submit energy conservation and demand management plans.


Finally, the proposed amendments require electricity, gas, and water distributors to make consumption information available to the parties that are required to report.

The bottom line


What could this potentially mean for businesses like yours? According to Kate Bagshaw, Commercial Energy Advisor, Bruce Power Direct, “Public agencies will be on the hook and eventually businesses.”


Is now the time to start preparing? “Yes,” advises Bagshaw. “You can do that by starting to better understand your consumption patterns and get out ahead of upcoming regulation.” (We recently published a short webinar that details how you can start getting ahead of this. You can watch that here.)


Bruce Power Direct has been and will continue to follow the development of Bill 135 closely, in particular as it becomes clearer on who will be a “prescribed person”. If you have questions, concerns or need clarification, feel free to get in touch with us anytime.


You can read the bill in full here.