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Fully automated budgeting

Headache-free, electricity budgeting


People often ask us: “What is my budget variance? Is it a consumption-based variance or a price-based variance?”

It’s a good question. And we can help you access the answer whenever you want.

If you’re already submitting your energy bills to us for verification and for finding efficiencies (or you’re not, but know you should be), we offer a fully automated reporting tool that eliminates internal budgeting and provides bulletproof forecasts. The information is available 24/7, so waiting on administration is never a problem.

This tool also allows you to build your budget parameters for price and consumption, and then it monitors both variables. If, at the end of the month, for example, you’re over-budget by 10%, you can see how much of it is rate based and how much is consumption based.

Don’t spend any more time transferring data from bills onto spreadsheets. Get easier, faster and more accurate budgeting with Bruce Power Direct.

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