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Food & Beverage Energy Management

Energy Management Solutions for Food & Beverage Manufacturers in Ontario

Energy Management for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

Food and beverage processing is a highly energy dependent practice ranking in the top 5 highest cost line items. Production facilities must keep up with a fairly quick production cycle – including freezing, baking, storing, processing, heating, distillation, pasteurization, and packaging; all of which can be burdensome on an electricity bill.


Seasonality is also a big factor considering facilities in which the food articles or their ingredients are manufactured require cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.


Given the perishable nature of the products as it relates to food safety, companies are required to adhere to rigorous health and safety regulations set by organizations like Health Canada and the FDA. These are often much stricter than regulations set by bodies in the United States or Europe. As a result, Ontario-based manufacturers can have a difficult time cutting production costs without sacrificing product quality or safety.


Demand Response Programs that provide economic incentives for participants to reduce consumption can be a challenge for many food and beverage manufacturers to implement. Altering production schedules or on-demand shutdowns generate a risk of not adhering to the health and safety regulations and therefore, do not present feasible measures to reduce energy costs.


However, our powerful data solution can help you to not only identify, but also verify the results of your energy efficiency investments.


You can rely on our expertise to help you reduce risk, gain control of electricity expenditures and most importantly realize savings without negatively impacting production outputs or sacrificing health and safety compliance.

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Is your business a F&B manufacturer?

We want to provide a custom energy management solution for you!



Senior Electricity Advisor


Why Choose BPD?

We have the expertise and sophisticated tools required to find a solution for you, regardless of how many energy intensive steps your food and beverage processing may require.  Our energy management solution is customized to fit your company’s specific consumption and operational needs, aiming to help you offset costs without sacrificing product quality or health and safety regulatory compliance.

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