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Your energy management solution

We partner with you to develop a robust energy management solution designed specifically for your business.

Our combination of experts, world-class assets and powerful data allow us to deliver innovative energy solutions that help leading Ontario private and public sector organizations manage energy more effectively.

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Complete a complimentary energy management assessment to to see how you stack up against industry best practices.

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Your Custom Energy Solution in 3 easy steps

  1. Understand your business objectives and energy consumption needs.
  2. Develop a unique framework to manage your energy consumption and spend. 
  3. Implement your strategy utilizing recommended tools and tactics.

Our Difference

"Listen First" Consultative Approach

We take a “listen first” consultative approach to business, working with you to develop a solution and build a long-term partnership.

Market Experience and Leadership

We use our market experience, personal energy and leadership position in Ontario, to help you understand, manage and control your energy consumption and spend.

Customized, innovative and sustainable energy solutions

We develop customized, innovative and sustainable energy solutions based on your specific needs, designed to maximize your energy reduction efforts.

Bruce Power’s resources

We leverage Bruce Power’s resources and insights to deliver targeted expertise directly to your Ontario organization.

Your agile energy management solution

The dynamic nature of your business and changing market conditions means our relationship with your business must constantly evolve. Your comprehensive solution is designed for continuous improvement, enabling you to achieve your energy management objectives.



Our priority is to gain a thorough understanding of your business model, competitive landscape and relevant market conditions. This enables us to reveal the key business drivers that affect your electricity costs. From this information we develop benchmarks and metrics specific to your energy related KPIs.

Proprietary software tools and expertise allow us to analyze your electricity billing data and provide you with rich insight into how your consumption patterns affect your costs and profitability.



With insights discovered, we develop a unique framework to manage your energy consumption and spend. This includes the design and set up of your budgets and monitoring technology. Whether you manage by region, or business line, we will provide you with the information you need, when you need it.

Our tools include on-demand reporting and alarm systems designed to alert us when your results are not meeting those that were originally planned. These elements provide the basis for an implementation strategy that will ensure expected savings are consistently achieved.



Using the framework as a basis, we implement your strategy utilizing recommendations that may include a selection of suitable electricity products, leveraging correct energy initiatives, scheduling optimization, staged shutdowns or other actions best suited to help you realize your energy management objectives.

We use powerful data to monitor the performance and verify results of your energy related investments to identify the tactical areas that require improvement.

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Let us design a solution with you

Tell us more about your business and we will work with you to develop a more personalized solution!


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