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Energy Management – It’s about knowing where the puck is going to be.

It’s not about knowing where the puck is; it’s about knowing where the puck is going to be.

Growing up in Canada, as a hockey player or not, I’m sure you heard this quote at least once (or a thousand times) and it was typically followed up with,”Wayne knew where the puck was going before the guy who had the puck did.”

Over the holiday I was at the rink preaching this message for the first time to my nephew and it made me realize a couple things.

Wayne Gretzky and Energy Management?

First off, tykes these days have no idea who Wayne Gretzky is (I was forced to rebound with Sydney Crosby). Secondly, despite my failure to make the NHL, the message must’ve really sunk in. I had a bit of an “eureka” moment as I realized that I preach a similar mantra to businesses on a daily basis while helping clients manage their electricity. I never would have thought that I could compare managing electricity to the game of hockey; however, the overall concept is actually quite similar, in that both have independent factors that require synchronization in order to achieve the end goal. In business terms, this concept simply refers to maximum output for minimum cost.

What’s involved in how you manage electricity in your business?

As I tightened up my nephew’s skates, I continued to think about the process I use to acquaint myself with new clients.  I learned very quickly in this business that no two organizations manage electricity the same; therefore, before I can offer any assistance I need to understand what their current process looks like, who’s involved, and how their business operates. This is often the most effective session, as I find that clients often begin to uncover opportunities for themselves, simply by identifying all the elements involved.  Wayne was a master at knowing who was on the ice with him and how they played, allowing him to make his next move toward where the puck was going to be.

In his own words, “I had to be ahead of everybody else or I wouldn’t have survived.”

Uncover new Energy Management Opportunities

In his own words, “I had to be ahead of everybody else or I wouldn’t have survived.”  He had to understand his surroundings on the ice and leverage “hundreds of tricks and shortcuts” so that he could thrive in an environment where the odds seemed to be against him.  In my experience, I’ve heard from many organizations that only once they stopped treating electricity as an uncontrollable expense, were they able to uncover new opportunities that they never knew existed. By adopting a few easy best practices they consistently were able to save money year after year.

Check back in upcoming weeks as we explore how #99 managed to continuously improve his game by measuring where he was relative to where he wanted to be, and how by adopting a similar attitude, businesses can achieve their energy cost reduction goals.

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