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Electricity Product Solutions

Fixed Price (Budget Certainty)

The fixed price product gives your business an opportunity to secure a set price rate (per KWh) for a specific time period or contract term. It is an ideal solution for companies looking for budgets certainties and the ability to ‘flatten’ market volatility. They offer a great saving potential in an increasing electricity price market.  In a declining market however, while locked in a contract you may lose the opportunity to benefit from a lower electricity market rate. Similar to other financial products in the market, there is a premium for the risk the electricity provider takes on by providing this type of a price protection reflected in the price.


Fixed Price Product is a fit for businesses that: 

  • Seek budget certainty
  • Have lower tolerance for electricity price volatility
  • Do not have the time or expertise to manage electricity purchases on an ongoing basis

Index Price (Flexibility)

Our Index price option (market-based) product provides your electricity supply at a market price of electricity for each given hour. This rate can provide you with the flexibility to adjust your electricity usage and take advantage of any market declines.

Since you take on the risk of the market volatility, you generally do not need to pay a variable load cost to the electricity provider. In a declining price market, this option may provide you with great saving opportunities, however you need to feel confident you can take on the risk in an increasing price market. Constant market fluctuations can make this a complex process.

However, we’ll work with you to analyze your electricity usage and develop a program with you that takes advantage of the current market conditions. Based on anticipated hourly rates and your electricity consumption pattern, we can design a plan that will leverage these market movements.

The Index Price option is a fit for businesses that:

  • Are willing to take on the risk of market volatility in return for anticipated market dips
  • Have budget flexibility that can fluctuate constantly
  • Have the power and flexibility to control their consumption patterns to avoid usage during on peak (highly priced) periods

Blended (Versatility)

As the name suggests we also offer a mix of the fixed and index rate products. Depending on your business needs and existing market conditions we can develop a highly specialized plan that fits your risk appetite profile and your electricity usage.

By getting to know your business and your electricity consumption needs, we can recommend a solution where a certain volume of your usage is fixed leaving the reminder on the market based index rate. You can layer portions of your usage to maximize when and how much electricity you use in response to latest market conditions.

Blended Product Option is a fit for businesses that:

  • Are looking for some budget certainty but wish to be an active market participant
  • Have some budget flexibility to take on market fluctuations
  • Have the expertise or support to manage their electricity usage effectively and are aware of the most recent market changes
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An electricity product designed for your business need

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Many organizations have the ability and potential to manage their electricity costs and risk more effectively. We will work with you to choose an electricity product that works best for your business needs.

We have the capability to provide you with a wide array of electricity products that will address your energy needs and help you make the right decisions for managing your budgets and protecting yourself against market volatility.

Whether you choose to buy electricity on a fixed or variable price basis, we provide personalized recommendations based on your organization’s size, risk exposure profile and appetite so you can actively participate in market opportunities. We offer a full spectrum of electrical products from fixed price and index rate arrangements to more sophisticated blended options that suite your business need.

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