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Electricity Prices: What will you Pay in 2015?

BP TurbineIt’s once again time for Bruce Power Direct’s semi-annual Market Outlook Webinar.  Your Bruce Power Direct team has been hard at work compiling data from our in-house team of traders, market analysts and industry experts.

Year to date electricity prices have been very volatile with prices averaging greater than 4 c/kWh. From the 2nd most expensive winter since market open, to the cheapest May, it has been a roller coaster.  Find out why, what this means for the future and our recommendations for managing the renewed market volatility.

Join us for our interactive session, where we will explore the key trends shaping Ontario’s Electricity Market over the last 6 months and provide our outlook for the next 6 months

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Interested in doing some research before the webinar?  Start with a look back at our Spring Market Update and review the trends we’ve been monitoring throughout the year.  Better yet give us a call, we’d love to hear from you!