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Apples, meet apples.

A significant part of managing electricity better is seeing consumption and costs across your business, identifying anomalies and targeting those areas for improvement.

How do you compare evenly when departments or facilities vary in size, function and output? Or when they’re affected by different climates?

To get that kind of insight, you need data. But more than that, you need data that is connected to something meaningful to your business. With current bills, all you get is your monthly consumption information and the invoice total. The numbers don’t offer insights.

At Bruce Power Direct, we think your kilowatt-hours should be more meaningful.

Whatever metric is important for your business—whether it’s kWh per square foot or kWh per widget—we aggregate data from the utilities you work with and translate it into something that makes the most sense for you. We also display it in easy-to-read graphs, so the entire team can understand what’s happening and get involved in the energy conversation—not just the engineers.

Not only does this kind of insight make electricity easier to understand and talk about, it also helps you compare usage—apples to apples—and set more informed goals.

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