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Energy Management solutions for Commercial properties in Ontario

Commercial Energy Management

We work directly with building management and operations staff to serve all types of commercial properties in Ontario, including food and retail locations, as well as anything under the MUSH umbrella; municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals.


All classes of commercial properties in Ontario are subject to a number of factors that affect energy consumption and budget. Square footage, building age and the portfolio of buildings owned by the company are also factors that can rapidly drive up your electricity spend. Coupled with the unpredictable weather patterns we’ve recently seen in Ontario, it can be difficult to meet your energy consumption needs without exceeding your budget.

Canada’s Commercial Sector
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Does your business operate in the commercial sector? Find out why you should work with us.

At Bruce Power Direct, we strive to provide your business with a customized energy management solution tailored specifically to your commercial energy consumption and operational needs. We partner with you to develop a strategy to find the most efficient way to heat, cool, illuminate and power your buildings, that will leave you less worried about energy consumption and spend, and more able to focus on core business operations.


For customers with large portfolios spread across Ontario, we can provide electricity and cost reports all in one place, aggregated in our data warehouse. You no longer need to chase multiple utilities. We can provide all the data, analytics and insights for all of your locations in one place. Then, you can compare peers of your portfolio on a normalized basis for efficient benchmarking analysis. Not only can portfolio benchmarking allow you to concentrate and prioritize your energy related efforts but it can help you verify your electricity investments are realizing their anticipated benefits.


Most importantly our tool empowers you, the Energy or Facility Manager, to make timely and informed decisions.

We want to provide a custom solution for you! Tell us more about your business.

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