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Close the Fridge Door! Take Control of Your Energy Costs for the Sake of Your Bottom Line



Remember in school when you’d come home hungry and stand just staring into the fridge, arm over the door, leaning in, hoping you’d see something worth grabbing? It was as if you’d hoped to open the fridge and immediately find the exact meal you’d craved with no need to prep anything. You’d close the door, walk away, then go back and open it again, repeating the same steps with the hope that the perfect meal would magically appear.

Then would come the inevitable shout from the other room, “Close the fridge, already! You’re letting all the cold out!”

What you didn’t know was that something as simple as keeping that fridge door open, was not only “letting the cold out”, it was costing money.

Compare this to energy waste in your business. Your employees are focused on doing their job and doing them well. They likely aren’t thinking about the energy cost because they don’t pay the bills and the energy costs are not transparent to them. Employees in every department, ‘keep the fridge door open,’ without realizing they are wasting energy and costing the company money. The finance or accounts payable staff see their energy bill, pay it and file it away without realizing there are ways they can manage their rising energy costs. Unlike the open fridge door though, in a complex organization, energy wasting activities can be difficult to detect. So how can you “close that fridge door” and take control of your energy costs this year?

There are increasingly innovative ways for organizations to better manage energy consumption and realize cost savings. Here are three simple steps to get you started:

Put a solid energy management foundation in place. Before you can start identifying cost savings initiatives you need to know where your energy dollars are going.

Set a baseline for your energy consumption. This will help you measure your results going forward.

Use an energy analytics and management toolkit to automate data collection. This will give you access to the hourly consumption data your bills don’t provide, and lead you to identify trends and anomalies. Here’s a great example of how one company identified $50,000 in savings at one plant alone.

We developed the Bruce Power Saver, to make electricity usage easier to understand and talk about with every member of your team. You’re not just ‘closing the fridge door’ but learning how to vastly improve the door’s energy saving capabilities and communicate it so your entire organization can understand what’s happening and get involved in the energy conversation. Not only can you use the Power Saver to find ways for your organization to save money, it also verifies and identifies anomalies in your bills, so you’ll never overpay for energy you didn’t use. Get the information you need to close that fridge door once and for all.

Join us on Wednesday, February 24, for a free webinar, “Take Control of Your Energy Costs,” in partnership with the Canadian Plastics Industry Association. Click here to register.