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Reaching the Peak: Manage Your “Peak Demand” to Bring Your Energy Costs Under Control

ARE YOU “DEMANDING” YOUR ELECTRICITY COSTS TO RISE? This might seem like a ridiculous question. Of course you aren’t asking for your costs to rise. However, if you’re business isn’t managing your peak demand, then unfortunately the answer is likely yes. You are “demanding” your costs to rise. One of the frequently asked questions we get here at Bruce Power Direct is around the distribution and transmission charges on your electricity bill and how managing your peak demand can help you reduce your electricity costs.

5 energy trends we’re watching for 2016

Big data. Connected devices. Electric vehicles. New regulations. There’s a lot to watch in the energy space, much of which will have an affect on how we consume and manage energy in the future—and how you run your business. Here are the five things we’re watching as we head into 2016.

$50,000 reasons to tie-up your brontosaurus

Fred Flintstone never tied-up his brontosaurus when he clocked out of work. What does that have to do with energy management? Fifty thousand dollars.

I’ll Take ‘Electricity Bill Verification’ for $2000, Alex

Being a university student these days isn’t easy; with a level of competitiveness in the job markets that seems to grow daily, and a plethora of digital resources that consistently crash my MacBook, iPhone and iPad, my life at school has become rather consuming. When...