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What Does an Entire Winter of Spring Skiing Have to Do with the Price of Energy?

Frequently Asked Questions About the Spring Energy Market, Following the Winter that Wasn’t What comes after a winter that failed to materialize? Record low electricity prices. Over the last few weeks, my colleague Gabriel Villegas, a Portfolio Risk Management Analyst for Bruce Power Direct, and...

Important Update: Mandatory Energy Reporting

Mandatory reporting is imminent. If the regulation passes, the first energy reporting year will have already begun for some companies. The Ministry of Energy has submitted a proposal to implement what it now calls the Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking (EWRB) regulatory requirement for...

Reaching the Peak: Manage Your “Peak Demand” to Bring Your Energy Costs Under Control

ARE YOU “DEMANDING” YOUR ELECTRICITY COSTS TO RISE? This might seem like a ridiculous question. Of course you aren’t asking for your costs to rise. However, if you’re business isn’t managing your peak demand, then unfortunately the answer is likely yes. You are “demanding” your costs to rise. One of the frequently asked questions we get here at Bruce Power Direct is around the distribution and transmission charges on your electricity bill and how managing your peak demand can help you reduce your electricity costs.

5 energy trends we’re watching for 2016

Big data. Connected devices. Electric vehicles. New regulations. There’s a lot to watch in the energy space, much of which will have an affect on how we consume and manage energy in the future—and how you run your business. Here are the five things we’re watching as we head into 2016.

Ontario businesses seek insight on summer and fall energy markets

It has been an interesting couple of weeks in the office. We’ve received calls from many of Ontario’s largest electricity consumers, looking for information about what’s going to happen for the rest of the year. As Ontario’s largest energy market player, we’re used to getting...

Ombudsman report on Hydro One is a double-sided lesson for all businesses

There’s a lot of moving parts in any business, and unfortunately, mistakes happen. That is perhaps no more apparent than in the headlines coming out of Ontario this week in the wake of the province’s Ombudsman report on Hydro One billing errors. For its part,...

The Oil Collapse and what it means for electricity

The short, simple answer is “no”. In Ontario, we do not use oil to generate electricity. However, there are some valuable insights from the recent move in oil and interesting parallels between the oil futures market, and other commodities futures markets.

Electricity Prices: What will you Pay in 2015?

[hero_unit background_color=”#a8a8a8″ rounded_corners=”true” padding=”normal”][button label=”Tuesday, October 28, 2014 2PM-3PM EDT” icon=”none” entypo_icon=”none” url=”″ size=”large” window=”true” block=”true” hover_background_color=”#606060″][button label=”Thursday, October 30, 2014 11AM-12PM EDT” icon=”none” entypo_icon=”none” url=”″ size=”large” window=”true” block=”true” hover_background_color=”#606060″][/hero_unit]Interested in doing some research before the webinar?  Start with a look back at our Spring...