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Bruce Power Direct launches the Bruce Power Saver

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Today Bruce Power is launching a conservation product for Ontario businesses, which will help them better understand and manage their energy use, benefitting both the balance sheet and the environment in the process. The online tool is called the Bruce Power Saver.

“Although we’re in the nuclear power generation business, we also recognize the importance of a balanced supply mix and creating a culture of conservation in Ontario,” said Duncan Hawthorne,

Bruce Power’s President and CEO. “While we provide Ontario’s electricity system with low-cost, stable electricity, these innovative tools will help Ontario businesses and consumers to be successful by maximizing their energy efficiency.”

The new product was launched in conjunction with a new partnership with the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) to help its members save on electricity through a special offer on the Bruce Power Saver, the virtual energy manager that provides energy analytics and insights to help businesses eliminate wasteful electricity use, identify anomalies and develop a continuous plan of improvement.

“The combination of powerful data through this innovative product, as well as Bruce Power’s team of experts, which is well respected in the Ontario energy market, will benefit CME members and Ontario business,” said Ian Howcroft, Vice President of CME Ontario. “We believe products such as the Bruce Power Saver are complimentary to building a modern electricity system where we can encourage conservation, while also having a low-cost, stable source such as Bruce Power nuclear.”