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Our Energy Management Survey Says…

Building a sustainable energy management program, with tangible goals, that extends beyond capital infrastructure investment, is equally important in the ongoing effort to reduce energy consumption and benefit from lower energy costs. We decided to do a quick and simple “meter reading” on how (or if) companies are approaching energy management.
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Energy Management: An Essential Ingredient in the Manufacturing Recipe

A successful recipe can be put out in a multitude of ways. In manufacturing there will be one optimal way to produce something with the least waste, time and effort possible. An Energy Management System leverages technology to manage energy usage and costs without negatively affecting production.
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The High Tech Ways to Becoming a High Performing Energy Manager

According to the EPA, for most firms, up to 30% of energy is wasted. Very few companies we talk to have an active monitoring and tracking program in place. Which means whether you’re above or below the average level of performance there are still benefits to be realized.