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Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Working with a Global Adjustment Consultant

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I recently attended a webinar from a local energy consulting firm offering Global Adjustment services. It seems that Global Adjustment consulting services are popping up left and right these days, and it’s no wonder why: Recent changes to the ICI have opened the program to a larger number of organizations, creating a massive savings potential for those willing to maximize the benefits.

However, the process of choosing the right consultant is one that needs to be carefully considered to ensure your company will reap the maximum benefit.

What steps can you take to guarantee a rewarding engagement with an energy consultant? We have a few friendly suggestions:

DON’T Accept the Status Quo

If your company first considered participating in Demand Response (DR) programs, you may have determined the cost outweighed the benefit. However, recent changes to the ICI have improved the savings dynamic by at least 20% on average. It’s time for your business to take another look!

For example, a 250 kW energy reduction, at the right peaks, could result in upwards of $100k in energy cost savings. This is compared to the $22k that the DR programs pay. What does 250 kW look like in your facility?

  • 1, 400 horsepower compressor for 1 hour/day
  • 3, 100 electric horsepower motors for 1 hour/day

These operational changes can amount to significant savings. The time to begin is now!

DON’T Believe the Hype

There’s no denying that the Global Adjustment, Peak Demand Factor (PDF), and ICI are confusing and complicated concepts at first glance. A good consultant will work with you to demystify industry terms, arm you with information, and empower you to identify the best energy savings strategies for your organization.

A consultant who overwhelms you with data, pushes tools you don’t need, and baffles you with industry jargon, while claiming to be your only hope for understanding the electricity market, should give you immediate cause to raise the red flag.

DON’T Share Your ‘Class A’ Registration Savings!

Any company with a model of shared savings simply by registering your organization for Class A status should be immediately removed from your list. Period! For many companies, the act of registering for Class A status alone can deliver a significant financial benefit.   It takes a little bit of work, but there are lots of resources to help- often for free. Your savings should be used to improve your organization, not line the pockets of your consultant.

A few examples of free, educational resources are:


DO Talk to Your Local Distribution Company (LDC)

In order to opt-in to programs such as the ICI, we recommend contacting your LDC directly to help. Many LDC’s offer free consultations on a number of areas of the Global Adjustment. You can then have a better idea of the gaps in your knowledge and skill set, and where a consultant can add the maximum value. After all, if the ICI program is to your benefit, you will need to work with your LDC to enroll in the program anyway.

DO Look for Opportunities to Reduce Your Peak Demand

If opting into the ICI delivers you reduced costs, you can achieve even more benefit by identifying areas to reduce your peak demand. Start by simply doing a “walk down audit” to see what production processes are running and have “slack in the system” during system peaks.  A tool like the Bruce Power Saver provides clients with a detailed understanding of their energy usage to help identify peaks and discover slack areas.

DO Shop Around

You have options! Take the time to compare offerings, read case studies, ask questions, and choose wisely. The time you spend making your decision will be worth it in the end.

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