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Auto Parts & Transportation Energy Management

Energy Management Solutions for Auto Parts and Transportation Manufacturers


Auto parts and other transportation manufacturers in Ontario continue to face challenges driven by increasing globalization, a strong Canadian dollar, and high labour costs. Whether you manufacture aircrafts, automobiles or trains, these challenges are rarely controllable, yet they have a significant impact on your budget.

Electricity is another big budget line item; however, with proper energy management solutions, it is an expense that can be controlled. We will work with you to determine your peak energy load times so that you can produce when energy prices are less expensive.

Whether your strategy is related to energy cost savings or energy conservation, we can help you define an electricity management solution designed to drive operational efficiencies.

You can rely on our expertise to help you reduce risk, gain control of electricity expenditures and most importantly, realize savings without negatively impacting production output.

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Is your business an auto parts or transportation manufacturer?

We want to provide a custom energy management solution for you!

Steve Glover

Steve Glover

Electricity Advisor


Why Choose BPD?

We have the expertise and sophisticated tools required to find a solution for you, regardless of how many energy intensive steps your transportation manufacturing operation may require.  Our energy management solution is customized to fit your company’s specific consumption and operational needs, aiming to help you offset costs with no impact on your production output.