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Breaking it Down: The Fair Hydro Plan

On March 2, 2017, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced sweeping changes to Ontario’s electricity sector, dubbed “The Fair Hydro Plan”. What does this new regulation mean for Ontario ratepayers, and who will reap the benefits? Let’s break it down.
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Energy Management: An Essential Ingredient in the Manufacturing Recipe

A successful recipe can be put out in a multitude of ways. In manufacturing there will be one optimal way to produce something with the least waste, time and effort possible. An Energy Management System leverages technology to manage energy usage and costs without negatively affecting production.

What Does an Entire Winter of Spring Skiing Have to Do with the Price of Energy?

Frequently Asked Questions About the Spring Energy Market, Following the Winter that Wasn’t What comes after a winter that failed to materialize? Record low electricity prices. Over the last few weeks, my colleague Gabriel Villegas, a Portfolio Risk Management Analyst for Bruce Power Direct, and...

It’s time to stop speculating on energy prices

As a commercial energy advisor with Bruce Power Direct, I speak with business executives from all backgrounds every day: energy managers of multinational corporations, maintenance supervisors of single-location manufacturing plants, CEOs, CFOs, operation managers and everything in between.

More Data, Less Energy

Data drives us. In today’s ultra-connected world, more is more. I own multiple devices to stay connected: a desktop at work and at home. A blackberry for business use; an iPhone for personal.  Two tablets.  A PVR cable box.  A modem.  A smart TV (I’m...

The Clean Power Plan

On Monday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a new draft legislation which promises to throw down the gauntlet on carbon emissions in the United States.  The proposed rule would place restrictions on CO2 emissions for power plants with the goal of cutting greenhouse emissions...