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Apply some Disney Magic to your Energy Conservation Program and Save

Disney World Energy conservation measures

During the Christmas break, my family attended Disney World to capture some of the magic of the holidays in a “Family Celebration of Life”. In addition to wonderful family time, I observed first-hand the changes Disney World has made in its energy management practices since our last visit years ago.


Soon after registration it was evident that Disney has embraced a new culture of innovation in energy management. We were provided with a Magic Band that contained a chip that was tied to your finger print. This band controlled the key to your room, ride & dinner reservations, and of course access to your credit card that allowed for easy spending at any location throughout the park and resort. Even the water slide was controlled with new sensors that regulated the flow of water with the touch the Band.


During the many special events at the park, the resort dimmed all the lighting at once to allow for better viewing of the fireworks. Disney has implemented a very sophisticated energy program to support a small city with a metropolis band width. On Christmas day there were over 100,000 people in Magic Kingdom without any power issues, not to mention the people attending Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and all the supporting restaurants and resorts nearby.


Upon my return home, I decided to investigate Disney World’s energy conservation practices further and was not surprised when I found out that their recent energy conservation efforts had resulted in a reduction in consumption by over 10 % between 2009 and 2013. This earned Disney ‘Sustainable Florida’s 2013’ large business best practice award”


“In recent years Disney set out to dramatically reduce energy consumption across the entire Walt Disney World Resort. Between 2009 and 2013, the resort reduced consumption by 10% through new energy practices, including new lighting and cooling technology, adjusting climate control temperatures to more efficient levels, and changing cast member behavior.” More info here


In addition, teams worked behind the scenes on technical projects that accomplished everything from establishing optimal run time for kitchen equipment and proper lighting levels during non-operational hours, to creating specific standards for temperature settings, lighting and appliances.


The whole culture of innovation is evident everywhere at Disney World. “If you can dream it you can make it happen” – Walt Disney


Do you dream of reducing your companies’ energy consumption by 10%? If you dream it you can make it happen! Our research and evidence with customers indicate this is a realistic target but you need to “Dream It” What is your energy dream for your company?


What gets measured and reported gets managed.


Input some “Disney Magic” into your energy program. As an experienced energy manager we need to be always looking for new ways to conserve resources, including electricity, and to continue building on your company’s success in the years to come.


‘Sustainable Florida’s 2013’ large business best practice award” award is given each year to companies and organizations for their efforts to protect and preserve the state’s environment.