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Opening Doors to Achieving Energy Efficiency

The Age of Intelligent Efficiency

Modern technologies have opened up new possibilities for companies to improve their operating efficiency. Amongst the many ways a company can improve its efficiency, energy efficiency should be given the highest priority due to electricity’s high and rising costs. It is nearly impossible to find a company that does not rely on electricity to operate. With more and more companies relying on advanced machinery and equipment, managing electricity costs becomes a significant success factor. Many companies do not pay the necessary attention to the potential of energy efficiency. Most likely, these companies have never heard of Intelligent Efficiency. Intelligent efficiency is the new approach that combines large amounts of data in easy to use formats to help managers reduce their consumption and make vital decisions to improve their energy efficiency.

Putting Intelligent Efficiency into Action

 In order to pursue the benefits of intelligent efficiency, a big data software platform is required. A big data software platform is the perfect tool to analyze electricity data. The software provides users with information about their electricity consumption, which allows them to immediately begin to take measures to conserve electricity. The insight provided by the software increases the users’ awareness about the company’s electricity usage. Through this awareness, it becomes a natural response for the users to try and achieve efficiency. The software opens up efficiency potential that can save a company millions of dollars. “The American Council for Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) estimate that the annual energy cost savings of intelligent efficiency technologies for the commercial and manufacturing sectors could exceed $50 billion.” The savings potential in Canada is just as remarkable.  Here at Bruce Power, we have developed the foundation of implementing intelligent efficiency. It is called the Virtual Energy Manager.

The Perfect Example of Data in Action

Data analytics have proven valuable in many fields and provide substantial insight to achieve efficiency, improve business performance and reduce costs. One such example would be the Rogers phone application. The application helps the user monitor phone usage data. I was not a user of the application during my first months in Canada and later faced the harsh consequences. I moved to Canada from Israel last year to start my university career. I signed a contract with Rogers to pay $80 every month for their phone service. I had many difficulties moving to Toronto and getting used to the city, so I started recklessly calling my parents asking them for help and advice. As you can imagine, international calls are not at the cheapest rate, and I was not aware of the issue until I received my $1200 phone bill for the month. I called Rogers immediately to try and assess the situation. They informed me that the international calls were made and nothing could be done at that point. The customer representative also mentioned an application called “MyAccount” that can help me track my call data. She informed me that the application will help me monitor and track my bill in real time, and it will be easily accessible at any time and anywhere through my phone. With a $1200 bill on my shoulder, I started using the application because I knew that I would always need to call my parents for help. The first number I noticed in the application was the extremely large number of minutes I spent on the phone. Monitoring the data allowed me to efficiently manage my calls, keep track of my daily usage, and also view my cost in real time. This procedure allowed me to anticipate the cost of my service for each month. After closely monitoring the amount of minutes I spent on the phone, I was able to lower my phone bill by more than 50% of the original cost.

A Step Forward

Taking electricity into this example’s perspective, most companies can not stop using electricity to completely eliminate the cost; sadly, just like I was not able to stop making international phone calls. But with Intelligent Efficiency, companies can monitor their electricity data, from consumption to cost, and act accordingly. Using intelligent efficiency is simply taking a step forward in terms of savings and profitability. It gives companies the ability to track the electricity cost every hour and manage the cost effectively.

This post was written by guest blogger and former Bruce Power co-op student, Younes Abulhawa.  Stay tuned for future guest bloggers.

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