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Bruce Power Values

We are powered by people

As an extension of Bruce Power’s wholesale business we share the same values as our parent corporation.  People are the key to Bruce Power’s success and our values guide our behaviour when making decisions, fostering client relationships and developing your energy management solutions. Living our values at Bruce Power means that we conduct our business ethically, respectfully, safely, and professionally.

Our Values:

We embrace and practice strong nuclear safety principles recognizing that reactor, industrial, radiation, and environmental safety are essential to our long-term success and reputation.

We believe in honouring ourselves, our business, and our personal commitments. We recognize our role as nuclear workers and embrace the higher standard of responsibility and accountability demanded by our many stakeholders.


We recognize that our people are essential to our success and respect their exceptional efforts, placing high value in the professional and personal skills made by each employee and contractor.

We demonstrate commitment to continuous improvement to create sustainable performance excellence that benefits all of our stakeholders. We benchmark actively and intelligently, aligning our performance metrics with the top quarter of the industry as motivation for continuous achievement. 

We recognize business excellence and our financial strength as opportunities for contributing to the greater good. We endeavour to support our community through charitable initiatives and maintaining our facilities in consideration of our neighbours.